Sunday, August 19, 2012

Psalm 23: My Good Shepherd overflows my cup

1. Lesson (based on Psalm 23:5b-6) 
  • HOOK:

    • Materials: An empty jar, a (larger) pouring jar with water, a cloth or napkin, a straw
    • Put the empty jar on top of the cloth/napkin
    • Tell the kids that the aim of the game is to pour as much water into the empty jar without it spilling over.
    • For older kids, can get them to take turns pouring in water. For younger kids, the teacher can do it for them.
    • The tricky part is when the water reaches almost to the brim of the jar. By then, can use the straw to drop water into the jar bit by bit.
    • Game/illustration ends when the jar overflows.
    • Conclusion:
      • In this illustration, we see how much is really needed to make a cup overflow.  
      • Do you know our lives are a cup too? A cup full of God’s life, goodness and blessings. 
      • And do you know, our cups are not just half full or half empty. It’s not even full to the brim. It’s overflowing. Not by a trickle or a drop, but in abundance.
      • Imagine holding your cup under a waterfall. What happens? The water is just gushing in and gushing out. It’s never ending. And never run out.
      • That’s what life is when you have Jesus in you.

  • SONG: Running Over
    Running over, running over,
    My cup's full and running over.
    Since the Lord saves me
    I can be happy as can be,

    My cup's full and running over.

  • PSALM 23 
    • Children to recite Psalm 23:1-5 with actions. 
    • Introduce Psalm 23:5(c)-6
      My cup overflows

      Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,
      and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
  •  What does this mean to a sheep?