Sunday, July 29, 2012

Psalm 23: My Good Shepherd prepares a table for me

1. Lesson (based on Psalm 23:5a)
  • HOOK: Table setting relay game
    • Prepare 2 sets of table settings (simpler for younger kids, more challenging for older ones)
    • Divide kids into 2 groups. Number of table items should be same as number of kids in each group.
    • Show them the order and placement of each table item, e.g. 1 Table cloth; 2 Plate; 3 Spoon etc
    • Divide kids into 2 groups. First person from each group has to run forward, take a utensil/table item and put it at its correct place. Run back, tag teammate, and 2nd person runs forward etc. Until kids have all had their turn. First team to finish wins.
    • Say you want to invite all your friends over for a party. What would you do? There will definitely be a lot of preparation involved. Well, first you would have to figure out who you wanted to invite. Then you would need to figure out what you were going to feed them and then you would have to make a list. Then, of course, you would have to clean your house. Then you would need to decide how you were going to decorate the table and when to start the cooking. Wow, there would be tons to do to prepare for your guests, wouldn’t there? A lot of care, thought and effort is put into making the meal a scrumptious one. 
    • Do you know that our Good Shepherd, Jesus, has prepared a wonderful feast for us?  Let’s find out more as we continue our journey with Psalm 23.