Sunday, January 30, 2011

God promised to bless Abraham

Lesson: The Blessings of Abraham are Yours

1. Story

  • There was an old man named Terah with 3 sons; the eldest was called Abram. 
  • Abram married a beautiful woman named Sarai.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Boy Jesus at the Temple

Lesson: My Father's House

1. Game: Search for the Missing Number
Hand out a number to each child in your group on a card. The numbers should be in consecutive order. Before class, hide the No. 1 card somewhere in the classroom that would be fairly easy for the class to find. Have the class work together to put the numbers in order on the floor. When it is discovered that the number one is missing, have the class search for the missing card. When the card has been found, everybody sits back down quietly.

2. Story: 
Tell the story of Jesus in the temple based on Luke 2:41-52.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Simeon and Anna meet Baby Jesus

Lesson: My eyes have seen your salvation
This story actually takes place before the 3 Magi's visit, but due to the Christmas period, we tell it after.

1. Story: 
Tell the story of Jesus being presented at the temple based on Luke 2:21-40.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Magi's Gifts

Lesson: Jesus' Divinity, Holiness and Death

This is a good lesson to use for Christmas or to start off a series on Jesus' life and ministry.
1. Story: 
Tell the story of the 3 Magi (wise men) based on Matthew 2:1-12.
You can use simple props like crowns or boxes in Christmas wrappers.
You can have a picture card of each box to depict the Magi's gifts or something to symbolise the gift (e.g. a gold ring/coin, incense sticks, and a small perfume bottle)

2. Lesson:
  • The 3 Gifts: Gold, Incense, Myrrh
  • These are unusual gifts to give a baby. But these gifts foretold what the baby will do when He grows up.