Sunday, May 27, 2012

God liked Rahab; God likes me too … always!

1. Lesson (based on Joshua 2): Rahab & the 2 Spies
  • Hook:
    • Have you ever felt that nobody liked you?
    • Maybe some other kids don’t like you because you are different — the clothes you wear, or the way you speak. Maybe they think you are weird. Maybe they tell their friends not to be your friend. Maybe they don’t want to share their toys with you or to play with you. Maybe it’s because you once did something wrong that made them unhappy.
    • It’s tough when you feel nobody likes you. It’s tough when you think you are not good enough. You can feel lonely, or sad, or angry. Sometimes we all feel this way.
    • But do you know that there’s Someone who likes you ALL the time. He doesn’t care about what you wear, or how your talk or what you’ve done. Even if you made other people really, really mad. He’s there for you. And He loves you always.
    • What’s His name? Jesus!

  • Story:
    • Once upon a time, there was a woman called Rahab. She lived in a town called Jericho. People in the town did not like her very much. Because she did things that were not very good.
    • One day, she met two men. They were Israelites from the desert. They wanted to find out some information about Jericho. They were spies.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

God was with Joshua (Part 2)

1. Lesson (based on Joshua 1)
  • Hook:
    • Have your parents or teachers ever asked you to do a big and important job? Perhaps it was to perform on stage or give a speech in front of many people. Or to organize an event. Or to lead a group to do something big. Maybe it feels too difficult for you. Maybe you were afraid. What would you do?
    • What if someone big came to help you? Say an experienced senior, your parents or your teacher? This person not only helps you but even prepares everything you need to do the big job. All you had to do was just to follow the person and trust that they will take care of everything. Suddenly the BIG job seems smaller and easier. Wouldn’t that be great?
  • Story:
    • Let me tell you about someone who had to take over a BIG job.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

God is with Joshua

1. Story (based on Numbers 13:1-30)

  • God’s special people, the Israelites, were slaves in Egypt for 400 years.
  • One day, God saved them and brought them out of Egypt. He was going to bring them into the Promised Land, the special place that He had reserved for them.
  • But first, they had to cross a desert. So for many months they walked, until one day, they were near the Promised Land.
  • Then God told Moses, “Send spies into Canaan, the country I am giving you. Tell them to see what sort of land it is. Find out what the people are like who live there.”
  • Moses did as God asked. He choice one man from each of the 12 tribes of Israel. Moses raised his hand and blessed the 12 men as they left camp.