Sunday, January 8, 2012

Parable of the Ten Minas

1. Lesson:
  • Tell the Parable of the Ten Minas based on Luke 19:11-27.
  •  The noble man who was made king is Jesus
    •  Jesus wanted to prepare His disciples that He was not going to be “king” immediately (as many thought He would)
    •  He would have to go to the cross first, then back to heaven before returning one day
    •  But in His absence, and until His return, He leaves us with valuable treasures (minas, talents) — the gift of His righteousness and the blessings that accompany it, which we can all receive by grace, through faith
  • There are three other groups of people in this parable
    •  The first and second servants: When we accept this gift of Jesus’ life will see it bear fruit in our lives — some five times, some ten times
      • Our work/studies, families, ministries prosper
      •  We are able to bless others because of all that Christ has blessed us with
      •  The word we sow multiplies
      •  We live faithful, victorious and abundant lives in Christ
      •  We enter into the joy of the Lord
    •  The last servant: 
      • If we take this gift but do not understand who God is, we will live in fear, doubt and unfruitfulness. 
      • We will think God is a hard master who is ruthless and unfair
      • We think God is always waiting to punish us for our mistakes
      • We don’t use the gifts that He has blessed us with
      • We rely on our own strength, efforts and works to try to please God, and end up empty
    •  The subjects who rejected the noble man as king:
      • Those who reject Christ as king and His gift of righteousness will fail to enjoy His gift of eternal life
  • Conclusion:
    •  Know who God is — have the right picture of Him. He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus. He’s not a hard master out to get us. He wants to rejoice with us and call us “good and faithful”.
    •  Know the treasure we have in Christ — don’t hide it away. Use it. Enjoy it. Share it with others. Bless others with it.
    •  Jesus is coming back again — those who do not receive Him as their Saviour and King will be left out of His kingdom. Let’s share with our friends the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ!

2. Activity Suggestions:
  • Related craft with picture of coin and the words "Jesus is my King"
  • Worksheet

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